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Welcome to Campbell's College enrolment and payment portal -  your ICSA training specialist with over 25 years experience of offering high quality tuition with flexible and friendly service.

About us

Campbell's College is an ICSA Registered Tuition Partner and specialises in courses to prepare students for the ICSA Qualifying Programme, Foundation Programme and ICSA Certificates and Diplomas.

Message from Alan Campbell:

Our courses were developed for you.
We are both personal and global, the only distance in our distance learning is on the map - electronically you are next door!

We hope you choose to join us.

Once enrolled, contact your tutor to say hello and then work through the course on a regular basis - little and often is the approach I recommend.

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ICSA Qualifying Programme course information


I passed my final exam for the CSQS, and wanted to thank you for all of your help and support. I took all eight of the exams with you (distance learning & London revision), and couldn’t have managed it otherwise!


Genuine huge thank you to all of you at Campbell’s.  I did all eight modules with you and they were all excellent and just what I needed to pass. I will genuinely miss all of the fascinating extras you threw in each.


I am deeply grateful to Alan, Vivian and Jim for their consistently excellent teaching over the past 4 years that I have been doing the CSQS exams and to you for your administrative genius and lightness of touch over the same period.