Updates and News

December 2021

A very happy Christmas to all and let's hope 2022 is a better year for the world.

November 2021

Good luck to everyone sitting exams!

Courses for the June 2022 exams will be ready to start in January.

August 2021

Delighted to welcome our new dynamic team who will be providing tutor support for the qualifying programme modules for the November exams. Tutor suppor is available for all modules. See our tutors page on the website for more information (www.campbellscollege.com).

July 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Alan Campbell, founder of Campbell's College. 

May 2021: Courses for the November 2021 exams will be ready to start from mid July.  You are welcome to enrol in advance but mailings of printed notes will not begin until updates are complete. Meanwhile you can have online access to the current material to enable you to get started. 

There will be new editions of the Institute textbooks for the following modules: Foundation, Company Compliance, Corporate Governance, Risk, Boardroom Dynamics.  We expect the new books to be available from mid to late July but only in pdf format.

April 2021: As life in the UK begins to return to normal, we are pleased that our London revision courses can go ahead as planned.  We will also be live-streaming the courses for those who would rather not attend in person or who live overseas.

February 2021 update: Overseas students - until export issues associated with Brexit are sorted out, we advise selecting the softcopy option for distance learning. Exactly the same material!

January 2021 update:  Lockdown v3! Business as usual for us - distance learning is the ideal way to study if you don't fancy attending classes. If you are worried about the postal system you can select the softcopy option for distance learning.

December update: Revision for June 2021 exams will be live in London with a live stream option - this worked brilliantly for the November exams and is a format we will continue to use. 

Note: Foundation Programme revision will be pre-recorded and available thoughout May.

September update: Decisions have been made regarding London revision - courses for the levels 1 & 2 modules will go ahead as planned in London but with reduced class size and live streaming. 

28th July update: Business as usual for us - distance learning is the ideal way to study if you don't fancy attending classes. New live zoom lectures have been introduced as well!

May 20th update: We are all working in splendid isolation - Alan in the main office, Jane, Vivien and Jim all working from their home offices and Alex working in the print room.  Safe!

Distance learning is not affected - we have extended tutor support until November and will not close down over the summer but will continue to offer guidance and the marking of assignments. NEW: if you would rather not receive anything through the post, you can select the 'soft copy' option when purchasing your course.

We have set up a Facebook Group so we can keep in touch and provide updates. If you use Facebook, search for 'Campbell's College Students'.