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January 2024: Thoughts on studying for CGIUKI exams.

As we update courses and timetable the revision for another year, I would like to share a few thoughts and observations with you. As with most things in life, the more you put into something, the more you get out of it.  In other words, students who fully engage with the course material, regularly contact the tutor and do the mock exams are usually the ones who do well in the exam. Sadly, we notice some students enrol on a course and that's it. We hear nothing from them. Ever!

It is also a mistake to expect the revision sessions to 'do it all' and take the place of solid study throughout the term.  Our revision courses are designed to help you understand the key parts of the syllabus based on past exams and to help you maximise marks by knowing how to structure and present your answers. There is no way we can teach you the whole syllabus at this stage - you should already have done the work! 

The ideal combo is distance learning plus revision course.

And make the most of what we have on offer -  helpful tutors, mock exams for submission, student groups on our social media, and a library of online resources!

The team at Campbell's wish all students a very happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and successful new year.

Why choose Campbell's College?

Simple - we have over 30 years of experience in helping students pass their CGIUKI qualifying programme exams.  Our tutors either have years of experience teaching specifically for these exams or are our enthusiastic distinction graduates who can provide the benefit of recent experience and new ideas!

We are friendly and approachable and provide the opportunity to interact with other students via our social media groups. 

Courses for June 2024 exams

You can enrol and start your course at any time now. There are no new textbooks or syllabus changes for June 2024 so you can safely start your studies at any time.

Exam Results and Feedback - June 2023 exams

I love it when our students finish their studies and finally qualify. Messages like this make it all worthwhile:

Hi Jane, I have just sat my final exam and just want to say a big thank you to Campbell's College for seeing me through the past 4 years! Having gone from a CoSec Trainee with no idea what 'governance' was to an Assistant Company Secretary so quickly has to be from the support of Campbells getting me through these exams with good results 😀 I'll drop in on results day to share my results. Now to find a new hobby...

Exam results November 2022

I am delighted to see so many of our students complete their studies and qualify after the November 2022 exams. Our pass rates based on known results are looking excellent!

It makes it all worthwhile when we receive such positive feedback - here are a couple!

I passed my risk exam with a merit. That’s me qualified now, thank you for the support of Campbell’s, it’s been great to be part of a community and have the support of tutors.

Thank you so much. I would very much love to stay in touch as I couldn’t have done it without Campbells, this college is by far the best out there.
I just cannot believe it.

November 2022 exams

Good luck to everyone sitting exams this month.  Make sure you test the tech using the link supplied by the Institute beforehand and if sitting the exam at work, make sure a firewall won't cause problems on the day.

On the day, stay calm and professional. If there are problems contact the institute helpline and extra time will be allowed.

August 2022 update

Well I am delighted with how well our students performed in the June exams. If you want to know our pass rates, they are now on the website. 

June 2022 pass rates on website

It is always tempting for students to see a high pass rate and think that is an easier module. This is wrong  - there may have been a cohort of extremely motivated students who did all of the work and engaged with the course and tutors. If there were, say half a dozen students who thought they could 'wing it' and not do any work, the pass rate may have been entirely different!

Sometimes students early on in their studies are not fully aware of what is needed, so pass rates for the 'early subjects' tend to be lower!  

It is rare for a student to go through the programme without at least one resit, so if you did not make it this time, don't despair but learn from the experience! You will get there in the end.